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About Us

Golbaft Industrial Group has been estabilished in 1969 and started work

in a very smal enviroment with limited facilities in Esfahan . The company founders were however so resolute and ambitious that flourished the idea of innovation in the country's textile industry .

The very quick rate of improvement and significant development were fortunately always along with the company's activities so that within three years the construction of the factory present site and transfer to the new location started .

The company has been now built in 120.000 SQM of land with more than 30.000 SQM of industrial and administrative offices .

In about 35 years of industrial activity from the very beginning of the company foundation , enjoying our own innovations in the textile industry , we have succeeded in taking possession of the market of Iran's textile in 5 steps in any of which we have domestically supplied our new products in very high qualities , and in some cases , Golbaft products have been attracted by foreigners including very developed countries such as Germany , Italy and Spain .

Various items which were put for 1st time in the production line of Golbaft industrial group will follow:

1-Relieved embroidery on organza textile or wedding clothes and the like.

2-Lamination of round woven acrylic for making coat , pullover , rain coat , etc .

3-production of artificial leather for the 1st time in Iran for applying in men and women clothes, pullover , raincoat , etc , in plain and patterned models .

4-Decorative boards and rugs similar to silk rugs produced in various patterns and sizes .

5-Our last achievement in the textile industry is the production of raschel blankets in numerous patterns and models. In 2004, over 10 years after the production of this product , Golbaft blankets was one of the most prosperous products of Irans market with more than 400 representatives through out our country . Golbaft blankets are also known and favorable in the world's markets.

Regarding Iran's market enthusiastic reception and the feasibility of export of this product to the world's various countries , Golbaft company have proceeded to qualitatively and quantitatively develope the product , and as far as the facilities allow, were ready to produce various sizes from children's blankets up to the largest dimension , ie , 240x220cm of blankets.

At present, we’re ready to receive various orders from different countries for quick delivery in the least possible time